Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Halloween 2013


Halloween is awesome. Sorry if you don’t like it, but it is. Maybe I feel this way because my kids love costumes. LOVE them. We also love getting lots of candy, trading candy hoarding candy… especially since we don’t eat much candy at any other time of year.

The kids usually pick out about four costumes each every year, so we have to find lots of activities to go to in order to give them an opportunity to wear them all. We have a rather large costume collection, so the only rules are:

1. You must stick with the family theme for at least one event (so we can take a family photo)

2. You must wear or make a costume using things we already have.


One of our first parties was at the mall, so we went to the beach on the way for some wave chasing…






Then we stopped at Costco for some sample snacking.


Ana dressed up for Costco as a pop star. She had me take photos like I was the paparazzi.


Here are the Maui Mall Party costumes: Roman centurion, zombie diva, mermaid and bumblebee.



The next party was the church “trunk-or-treating” party (btw: I had a somewhat frightening trunk decoration this year. I think kids are still having nightmares. Mwah ha ha ha. I love scaring people) . Above are some of Ana’s friends from church and swim team.



We followed the family theme at the church party: pirates. I know, not our most creative family theme, but we had a lot of “arguments”, and it was the one theme that had no dissenters. Elsie is a shark that eats pirates, btw.



Camden is the Dread Pirate Roberts.





And finally, the kids picked another costume for school, which I forgot to photograph, and then here are their trick-or-treating costumes. This was the first year in ten that we could go trick-or-treating solely from walking! We didn’t have to drive anywhere! I love our neighborhood. The kids got a huge haul, and so many houses were completely decked out. We couldn’t stop. I think we were the last family out. The kids finally begged us to take them home. Mwah ha ha ha.


You are lucky to have seen that ninja right there… they are incredibly elusive.

We have already decided on a theme for next year, so get excited!


Amy said...

I am eating a really gross pineapple from the Milton Academy dining hall right now and thinking of you and how delicious pineapples in Hawaii must be...you're living the dream! It's 11 degrees here in Boston today...

Love all the Halloween costumes!

Cassie said...

Ana looks so Boss in her cowgirl costume. I think you guys are supposed to be living on a ranch in Oklahoma.