Monday, January 21, 2013

And then I met Instagram


I balked with the rest of them at this new little app called Instagram, but now I have a daughter who is absolutely positively addicted, so look who’s laughing now. I do enjoy being able to edit photos and share them with so much ease…

And as I was looking through the hard drive to find some photos to post form October, these Instragrammed ones came up:



Speaking of addiction, Po is addicted to cookies. I think “cookies” was her first word, actually.  I caught her moving buckets to be able to climb up shelves to get them. Kids just start so early these days…



And speaking of climbing, Po thought it was pretty fun to test out the new chicken coops I put together for the growing chickens. Luckily they were unused before she climbed in. I don’t think she’d dare to now.



Speaking of chickens, why did the chicken cross the basketball court? He heard the referee calling fowls. Ha ha ha!




And speaking of jokes, is it a joke that I had ANOTHER birthday!? They just keep coming. I think I’ll stop at last year’s age. For my birthday, Jonah did a fine job of making some amazing meals as usual. I’m such a lucky lady to be married to such a fine cook. My birthday was on a Sunday (not my favorite day to have it, but have to do it once every 6 years), so we just laid low otherwise.

But I did talk the kids into taking some photos with me…



Love those kids!! They are a birthday present every day.

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Eyrealm said...

If it weren't for those darn kids, you could make a fortune being a model!