Sunday, January 27, 2013

December Party-time


But wait, before we get to December, In my rush to catch up with updating the blog last week, I totally overlooked some awesome photos from my iPhone that tell about some poignant parts of our life back in October and November. They must have been lost in between the hundreds of PhotoBooth photos of stretched faces and dozens of cute baby animal pics that one of my kids feels like need to be saved in my photo album.

First of all, I think it was in the fall that Po became completely obsessed with Nacho Libre. I know how she feels… I think I watched it four times in two days when I visited my dad in New Orleans last year.  But she has taken it to a whole new level… she can nearly say the whole movie while she watches it… and she can’t even hold a conversation in real life. She also pats her large belly and says, “Nacho.” I need to take it off of my phone one of these days, but I keep forgetting and if I’m not hyper-vigilant, she’ll steal my phone and sneak into a room and watch a few minutes of Nacho here and there.

One of my kids took screen shots of the movie so they could show them to Po when she is periodically grounded from watching the actual movie.



There is a self serve yogurt place called Orange Leaf that we really like, and they’ve had a special for about six months where you could pay $3 and fill up a kiddie cup as much as you want with toppings and yogurt and the weight didn’t matter. Here’s Ana with some Nuttery Buttery flavor and probably some Nutella flavor too. We were really excited for the Christmas flavors like Egg Nog and peppermint, but when they finally came in a couple of days before Christmas, we realized we like the old Nutter Butter and taro flavors even better.

But then we got shot down when they stopped doing the $3 kiddie cups.

I think Ana may have had something to do with that:


Every time she left the worker would say, “Wow, she knows how to do it!”



Po drew all over herself and then took pictures of herself….  can’t figure out her emotions here.



We had a little surprise visit from Shawni and Dave in early November when they came to Maui for a little weekend getaway. We had them come scuba dive one morning by their hotel. They also spent an afternoon/evening up here the night their flight left. The kids were in heaven showing them around our house and having Shawni help with the nightly routine. We love those guys! Now we just need the whole family….



We also did some scuba diving, though I am still not very comfortable doing it. Jonah has been going since he was born, and now he has Ana scuba diving, and she’s a natural too. I just don’t know if I can ever just be calm. I’ve been certified for five years now. I’m hoping more practice will do the trick.



We took Po to the mall for her first time. She was amazed by the mannequins! Gigantic dollies!



Po likes to help me in the garden every morning.



And here is a photo that Jonah’s mom took of Cam’s Scout award.



And now on to December!!

Our town hosts fun town parties throughout the year, including a great Christmas party. Free pony rides even!



I love this Santa. He was there last year too. Ana’s teeth are fake in case you are wondering… and Po was too scared. Cam is usually too scared too, but I talked him into it. I probably had to bribe him with a candy cane.



And Santa also came to the church party!





Po loves all the parties because she loves an excuse to don her “party dress”.


Our neighbor’s plumeria tree was blooming all fall, so we made many leis.




Po’s birthday!!! She actually asked for a “Nacho cake”. So here is my funky version of Nacho Libre. I do not have  future in cake making, and that’s okay because I don’t love cake. And this looked a little more delicious in real life. And most importantly, Po loved it!


We had a nice relaxing day and gave her all of her favorite foods. Then, we invited a few families over for dessert on the night of her birthday. She was pleased as punch about her little presents too. She’s been singing “Happy Birthday to Po Po” ever since.



Eyrealm said...

How very fun to see all this! Nacho Libre forever! That Po is one cute little critter! Are you ready for the enslaught? They're coming!

Cassie said...

The kids picked Nacho Libre for our family movie night last week. The kids laughed so hard I think they were all in tears by the end of the movie. We are going to have to buy our own copy...

Po's face covered in markers made my day. She is adorable!

Aja, I am jealous of your legs.

The End.

*ehu. said...

Taro froyo is the BEST!! And I love that Plumeria lei! Oh man, gotta love it! I'm so jealous you get to be amongst pikake and tiare, too!

sonna said...

I looooooved this - so many jewels! Po and the mannequins, you in scuba gear, the Nacho cake! If I wasn't already your sister, I'd want desperately to find a way to be. You carpe diem like no other.