Thursday, January 23, 2014

Grammy and Grandfather Come to Island

We were so over-the-moon when Jonah's parents arrived mid-December for a week long visit! Thankfully, Jonah's mom Linda took lots of photos because I lost all my December iPhone photos when I switched to a different phone. (oops!). The kids were beside themselves with happiness.

We had lots of adventures, as well as lots of beach-time and loads of help getting ready for Christmas. 

Above is a photo of Jonah and Po at Black Rock. 

Jonah's mom was impressed with Jonah's recent cattle culling experience.. the cows had to be flown down the mountain by helicopter. It was a crazy experience I must say. We have a lot of beef now.

Jonah's parents were instrumentally important in helping us set up for my Christmas Piano Recital. I had 12 of my students perform, and I think it went pretty well. My garage isn't quite big enough to hold everyone, but I am glad to make good use of our lanai/stage a couple times a year. 

The belly! I think I'm 30 weeks here? Maybe 32. 

This time we had candles and a fire pit to try to make the garage a little more magical. 

I loved having Linda there to play a Christmas duet with me. We laughed so hard we both got tears. It was great fun!

And again, we did the infamous Bamboo Hike (that was five times in three months for me). Sydney was a huge help with tired little Po. 

Unfortunately, the week before, I sat on my Contigo waterbottle when I was getting into the car and injured the midsection of my pelvic bone (my doctor thinks it's remi osteitis, but I think it might be a fracture, but in any case, it's not treatable until after pregnancy), and this hike was NOT the ticket. I was waddling like a duck for a week after. 

But it is SO fun to do this hike, especially when we can relax and swim in the waterfall pools with all these great kids who came with.

Jonah's parents are great about loving lots beach time, even if it just means relaxing on the beach for a few hours. Here we are on our Lahaina day, enjoying the beach at Kapalua. I'd never been, and it was an amazing beach! Can't wait to go back. 

Plus, there was a lovely walk from the beach overlooking crystal clear laval tide pools.

Sadly, the week went by too quickly and all of a sudden it was Christmas Eve. Since Grammy and Grandfather were leaving that afternoon, the kids got to open their presents from them on Christmas Eve morning. 

The most popular gift of the day/year was Elsie's Dipping Bird! It uses evaporation to keep the little "bird" dipping its head into water every few minutes. My girls have literally spent hours watching the bird and cheer every time he takes a drink. (Sadly, "Dippy Bird" "died" a few weeks later when the girls got in a tiff about something and he dropped onto the floor, but Elsie got another one for her birthday... his name is Tippy Bird since Dippy Bird is buried in the yard under a tombstone). 

On their way to the airport, Grammy and Grandfather came to Kite Beach with us to watch Jonah do some kiting. He's getting pretty good! Fun to watch. 
Loved having my fantastic, wonderful in-laws visit! Hope they come again soon and hope the pre-Christmas visit becomes a yearly tradition... 

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Malia said...

what a full month! LOVIN those sun rays in the first pic. your piano recital looked wonderful!