Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Cousin Fest, Close Up

Sonna and I must have some weak genes because our kids mostly look like our husbands. Don't get me wrong, our husbands are awesome and our kids are lucky to look like them. But still, I know every parent hopes to pass at least some physical characteristics onto their kids, if not for any reason but to physically see the continuation of their ancestors into the future generations. 

But thankfully, when I look at photos like this one of Gabe and Po, I can see at little a smidgen of a family resemblance. There's a photo of Sonna and I on a lawn chair in Pullman that is similar to this photo, but it might have been lost in the fire. Maybe my sister has a copy, and I'll add it in later. For now, below is a close up of the photo of Sonna and I when Sonna is about 18 months and I'm probably three.  

 Well, even if Sonna and I never get some little tan kids (which would truly be a shame because Sonna has the most beautiful skin and hair in the world), we sure do love these little toddlers, even with all the trouble they bring... 

 Sonna took us out to one of the must-see attractions in Vegas, the new Desert Springs Preserve. It's fantastic. It's finally the museum I always wanted in Vegas when I lived there. The kids will now forever equate visiting Vegas with going to the Springs Preserve, especially since we even went back for another visit after this marathon one pictured below. They wanted to take Jonah and show him all the cool exhibits. 

We also took the opportunity to photograph ALL the Fegert cousins to make prints for our parents of all of their eight grandchildren at once. Yes, everyone was hot and uncooperative, but we finally and thankfully got a few good shots...

 (Po is NOT that short. I promise. It's just an optical illusion caused by Riley's gargantuaness and Po's slouching.)

And here's the winner. Personalities and all. 
Can you tell how much I love my kids and nieces and nephews?!? The joys of my life. 


Susan said...

I wanted to thank you for having Mr. Money Mustache in your links. I've always lived a very thoughtful life when it comes to my money, but his site has gotten me excited about changing my habits. I've been impressed with the changes your family has made and I'm on my way to FI.

Linda said...

Po looks SO much like you! Gorgeous!