Sunday, January 19, 2014

November Down Time

We tried to get alot of little projects done at the first of November before the onslaught of holiday visitors, but we also took some downtime for the family too.  Here's Po at the mall's playground.

Here is when Po is somewhat angelic. 

Here is Ana opening the AWESOME AMAZING ASTOUNDING box of maternity clothes from my sister!! During the same week, my mom also sent a whole big box of size 2-4 nearly new designer clothes (she moonlights as a de-junker/anti-hoarding consultant in Orange County... I sometimes get the castoffs! Wahoo!). Of course, none of the clothes fit my largeness, but Ana ate them up. Fashionista!

Cam brought the class baby turtles home for a weekend and his little sisters were in total heaven. These wee babies were pretty cute. Reminds me of the TMNTs before the ooze. 

Ana practiced her photography skills..

Po did her best to make it through each day WITHOUT having her hair pulled back. She loathes having it brushed, but will at least let us do it. However, putting it in a ponytail requires a special dispensation. 

Ana had a garage sale, though there wasn't quite enough stuff to make it extremely profitable. She has a goal to earn at least $50 a month on her own, so sometimes she has to branch out beyond the usual lemonade stands if the weather isn't hot enough. 

We also got some skating rink time in...

And we started our Thankful Tree. 

And Elsie completed some life-size mermaid commissions. 

And I think Po played with a friend nearly every day. (It helps that one of your besties lives next door and loves blocks as much as you do...)

I complain about this cat a lot, but at the very least, he LOVES kids and toddlers. He puts up with a lot from these two... but I think he can tell that they really adore him. 

And here are some dog piles on dad...

And Ana showing off some of the designer hand-me-down PJs. And her muscles. 

And Po's version of helping. My other kids were great helpers because they really listened and wanted to receive instruction on how to do it right. Po just jumps in and thinks she knows how to do it without any instruction at all. I have to pick the least destructible chores for her to help with... BUT, at least she wants to help. I'll go with that... 

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by small and simple things... love all these moments!