Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Blakely 2013

This was one of the best years at Blakely. Why? Because my sister and her kids AND my brother and his girlfriend AND his daughter came too! Everybody didn't exactly come at the same time... but we'll shoot for that next year, right Dad? In any case, all of the Fegert cousins were on the island at the same time for almost a week. It was rockin' awesome. 

We had so much fun. AND it was relaxing too. It was just great. And the weather couldn't have been better.

Cam and I above with some of our crab catch. LOVE all the fresh seafood we can catch and eat while we're up there. Jonah does a great job of making the most of the fishing opportunities while we are there. He even did some mean clamming. Mmmmm. I love me some shellfish. 

The three toddlers were the star of the show. All three of them wanted to be with Papa (my dad) every minute of every day, and would make sure they were on or in whatever vehicle he happened to be operating. 

They all got along so well, and they are so incredibly super cute. Po still talks about Reggie and Riley all the time and about "Papa's house at Blakely" and the four-wheeler, of course. 

We also had loads of lake time...

And plane rides in Papa's four seater...

And fun dance parties at Noni's (my grandma's) house with my fantastic cousin Samantha. (And also many card games and Settlers of Catan tournaments)...

Jonah did his best to do maintenance on all the vehicles. He even got some of the old bikes running again...

Po was SO excited for her turn on an airplane ride... and then promptly fell asleep about three minutes after takeoff. 

Reggie (whose real name is Gabriel, remember) was always ready for a ride. ALWAYS.

The three littles also begged for food constantly. Here is Papa divvying out some root beer float... 

But don't worry--everybody eventually got their own.

Cam and Jonah caught some awesome trout. (Cam also had a little fall on the razor scooter... on his face, of course).

Po became a master of the catch-and-release frog program at the lake beach. 

Reggie and Papa are special pals. 

Riley is sometimes not so sure...

Luke LOVED exploring all around and everywhere.

Luke gets a ride...

Sonna's cute kids.

My cousin Breanne and her husband Brandon and their three boys were luckily up on the island for part of the time we were there! I hadn't seen them in about three years, so it was quite a treat. Cam really hit it off with the boys, and he loved having so Fegert-side boys his own age for a change (but he still loves hanging out with you Ruthie!). Here are all the kids (minus Ana) that we had up there for about four days. Noni was definitely getting her great-grandchild fix. She was only missing Trista's kids!

Beautiful, fun, delightful, sweet Riley! I love this girl!

Tyler and his gorgeous, wonderful girlfriend Jerica finally made it up towards the end of our trip. Tyler hadn't been on island for about four years, so it was a blast to have him come AND have him show Jerica around. I think she's hooked...

We also were so fortunate that the Stewarts invited us to Anacortes for Meme's surprise birthday party. She turned 98! I can't believe we did a surprise party for a 98 year old, but I guess she can take it! She's a firecracker. She still picks up and holds my kids! And she dances and parties all night long. The only assistance she needs is a hearing aid. What a gal!

Here she is with her oldest grandson, my dad. 

And here is my dad's uncle Larry (who organized the party and took us there on his yacht), my grandma Noni (in the blue), my dad, Samantha (my cousin), my dad's aunt Pam and Meme in the middle. I wish Luke had been there-- he's Meme's youngest great-great-grandchild. She has a few great-grandchildren who are younger, but Luke is the youngest great-great. 

Tyler and Jerica. Isn't she cute?!

We left the kids back on the island painting piggy banks.

Cam occasionally needs some down-time-- he plays pretty seriously on Blakely. 

And Ana too...

We also took some fun family rides in the forest.

And of course did some sunset catching trips to The Peak. 

Ana built her traditional moss teepee at The Peak. 

And even let Elsie have a go! (What the heck!? First time ever anyone else has been allowed to go inside!!)

So so so sad to leave. So blessed to go from one magical island home to another. But man, or man, I miss that place when we're gone. Don't miss the winter weather, but miss the island. Thanks again Dad and Roxanne for hosting us for another memorable year!

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charity said...

one day i will come to blakely with you - really really! that 98 year old is pretty amazing.