Saturday, November 2, 2013

The Very Best Month

But seriously, it is. Not just because it's my birthday month. I love October! 
It's starts with the LDS General Conference... which, thanks to our Apple TV, was watching without a single technical difficulty for the first time ever. 

Elsie drew the lovely little illustration above while watching... 

The kids had a week off of school so we spent a day Lahaina side with some surfing for a few hours and then a trip to Black Rock beach for cliff jumping and pool hopping...

The girls can't go by the Sheraton face photo thing without making me take a photo. 

We had fun afternoon with friends at the pumpkin patch. 

And finished that off with sledding, Maui-style (on cardboard, down grass).

The chickens have finished molting and are back into egg laying mode full time. 

I finished this great book... it is a historical fiction murder mystery written by a guy who graduated from Harvard the year before I got there. It's all set at Harvard and in Cambridge, so I think I especially liked it. I also learned a lot about the old buildings and historical sights in Cambridge as well as about Lowell and Longfellow, who were brilliantly brought to life in the novel. I hope the library doesn't mind that it was returned "well loved". 

We sell a lot of the chicken eggs to pay for their expensive chicken feed, but we still sometimes have enough to make German pancakes, the world's easiest breakfast and the most-loved breakfast of my kids. (AKA Jackson souffle in Jonah's family)

I took the three youngest on a hike all by myself! 

Jonah's sweet Grandma Ruthie died this month, so he left for about a week to go to the funeral in Logan, Utah. Check out the photos and write up by his mom Linda (and here) or sisters Saren, Shawni, Saydi, and Charity.  Grandma had been suffering through severe demetia for a few years, but her health had been excellent. And then, after a blessing and final visit from her five kids, she just peacefully passed. She was surely glad to be with her sweetheart husband who died more than 50 years ago. Grandma was an awesome and elect lady. Jonah was really close with her, especially after living with her and by her during much of college. We lived across the road from her for a few months after we got married too. She was a delight and a supreme example of light, love, intelligence, steadfastness, and selflessness. She accomplished amazing things in life, but more importantly, she became a woman we should all want to be. Love you Grandma Ruthie!

Jonah isn't one for funerals, but I think he had a really nice time with his siblings, parents and extended family. I think it was fun for all the siblings to get together without all of us in-laws crashing the party too. This is the first funeral he's been to on his side of the family since before we were married. (My side has had like nine in the last 15 years.) I think he was really glad that he went. But, he did say it was freezing, so I think he was also glad to come home. 
(Ana loves those sunsets that happen right after swim team practice every day).

After Jonah got back, the kids had a random-teacher-inservice-day-off-of-school, so we took the back road to Lahaina since we had never gone that way. We still have loads to explore back there some day, but we did find a favorite spot... a crystal clear deep tide pool down in the lava rock shore:

It is a scary drive over there, but I think we'll have to do it again soon. Anyone want to come with?

Po loves her blocks lately. They are her favorite toy. 
She also loves spelling her name.. I think because it's so easy. 

Of course, Ana had to get in on the action. Lucky for her I didn't inlcude the photo where she had accidentally held up A-N-X. Oops. She was mad when I wouldn't take the photo and couldn't figure out why I was laughing so hard. 

And its a great month because, of course, its my birthday month!!! 

My awesome friends Amy and Malia took me to brunch (that lasted so long it became lunch too) and I had the most scrumptious baked french toast with fresh raspberries. Mmmmm. We had a good time laughing and laughing. They are such great friends.

I came home to Ana baking up a storm. I couldn't figure out why she was making 50 pieces of naan bread. She also made me brownies from scratch (we have the best recipe... easy and delicious) and cleaned up the house. I also cleaned the house a bit and laid low. 

After taking the kids to swim team, we drove home and I was looking forward to the butter chicken Jonah had promised to make (to go with the naan bread). It smelled so amazing when I walked in the door. mmmmmm.... and then SURPRISE!!! Ana had organized a surprise party with the Anderson and Akinaka families. So fun. 

I probably would have done my hair and makeup had I known we would have visitors. :)

Oh my heck! Look at that face. 

Thanks Ana and Jonah and everyone for the great birthday. I got some amazing spoil-me presents from my mom, dad and in-laws and some great presents from the family. Looking forward to another great year!


charity said...

sounds like a great birthday, which i am happy about. i love you so much aj. these pics are fantastic! i want to go on the back roads with you guys when i come visit :)

Hello. My name is Meshan. said...

I'm pretty sure I need the recipe for the naan, brownies and butter chicken! You live in such a magical place!

sonna said...

LOVE that picture of Ana jumping into the tide pool!! And Po with her blocks. And the pumpkin patch - holy pumpkins!! Lovely tribute to Gma Ruth. And so fun for Ana to throw you a party. Those candles really lit up the room!! ;)

Eyrealm said...

What WONDERFUL pictures! Will you just send me a little heads up when you blog until I get to your house and you can show me how to install a new blog reader? I just have to keep checking and sometimes I miss one. I sure wouldn't want to miss this one!

Loved the birthday pictures and surprise!